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Robyn Ashkettle, Home Finance Broker

Robyn Ashkettle is one of Loan Market’s best New Zealand – and indeed Australasian – mortgage brokers. Robyn has more than 30 years experience in the banking and finance industry and an impressive track record of achieving home loan approvals for property buyers in all situations. In fact, Robyn has secured in excess of $600 million in approved home loans for her clients, a truly remarkable result.

Complex borrowing and larger loan sizes

Robyn has extensive experience with larger loan sizes, broad property portfolios, trusts, Loss Attributing Qualifying Companies (LAQCs), and other structures. Whether you are self-employed or employee, Robyn knows where to place your loan application and how to effectively package it for maximum benefit. Robyn may also be able to organise a discount on your interest rate, depending on the size of your loan.

Property investment

Both residential and commercial property investment can help you to create wealth, if you invest wisely. Part of the process is ensuring your investment funding is structured correctly for your investment strategy. Robyn understands investment finance in both a residential and commercial context and will work closely with your accountant and financial planner to ensure your funding works towards your overall investment goals.

First home buyers

For first home buyers looking to purchase in the Whangamata area, the right mortgage options are essential. Robyn is an expert at assisting first home buyers to assess their mortgage options and find the one that is the most cost-effective for their situation. Whether you are looking at an apartment or house, Robyn can assist you with your first home loan.

Home Loan pre-approval

Home loan pre-approval will put you in a strong position to bid at auction or negotiate with a vendor. A written pre-approval is an excellent indication of how much you can borrow to buy property and will usually be valid for around three months.

Get an expert on your side

A good mortgage broker can make a big difference to the mortgage application process and to the effectiveness of your loan over time. From finding the right loan to completing the application and monitoring the market after settlement, a good mortgage broker is an expert on your side who will ensure your loan is working for you.

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